Olfa Slipie, G6 Five: A 65-year-old South African teacher who became a pop star just a few weeks before his death

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G6 Five: A 65-year-old South African teacher who became a pop star just a few weeks before his death (Olfa Slipie)

When Olfa Slipie told her children she wanted to sing, the children slapped her.

He didn’t want to worry, but it wasn’t the job of a 65-year-old retired teacher.

People’s advice was still in him, and the only way to do that was to write the song in secret.

When her family recognized her, her song Olfa Sleepy, known as G-Ono Five, became popular across the country.

The song has been shared on all of South Africa’s social media sites and is just above the country’s iTunes map.

People use this achievement as an example of not old enough to achieve your dreams.

But just a week after his song was released in December, Tandri died tragically, and two days later he died in Durban during the family’s seventh birth.

Olfa’s drowsiness has been a polio infection since childhood, and she relies on one hand to get the infection.

Growing up in Izaho, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Olfa is also able to move one arm, so her mother advised her to pay attention to the study. It will not work

He remembered his mother’s advice at school and quit his job to become a primary school teacher in Madadini, Newcastle.

He was later promoted to director.

Her nephew, Cebu Empangoz, told the BBC that Olfa Slipy was a very tough but good beauty lover.

He was a very brave man

Mpanguz Opp says that’s what he thinks of his home. The house started with a hut decorated with bricks and mortar.

Homework and music stuck in school were one of the things that kept Olfa alive.

As a Roman Catholic, he sang for many years in the church choir. He also released an album of poems for children.

His nephew, Mappingo, smiled and said, He was one of the leaders of the church. He is the lead singer or the singer who started the song. He was born a leader and has never changed.

Sleep worked as an elementary school teacher in East London and East London for three years from 2002 to 2005, but when he returned, one in four children died of the plague. They needed to be patient.

After that, I saw the softness of his appearance, Mapunguz said.

On March 2, 201, ULFA achieved another success. He holds a master’s degree in education. Shortly afterwards, he applied for a doctorate.

During the interview, they called him by name and told him to think of him.

He didn’t waste time thinking about music.

Sleep defended his doctorate, but never lost his music.

By 2020, smallpox will destroy the global system.

The biology of today’s world is not so simple, and I thought things I had never imagined would be so clear.

Today, people all over the world are looking for new ideas to show their creativity and new hobbies.

I knew he had enough time to do something, so I locked him up at home.

Alpha also decided that this was the right time to achieve her dream.

He told his children and siblings that he wanted to record and release his own song because he played the piano.

The whole family trembled when they heard this. It was like brothers. It is en mpeno, a popular musical instrument in major South African cities in 2010, and is important not only for 65-year-old fathers, but also for children.

What happens when people make fun of them?

I will work hard to make my dream come true, Olfa told Empangus.

He succeeded because he wanted to succeed and refused to give up. So when they shared the song, it was all a full song.

I’m sorry if you don’t like it, Olfa told her family. But I think the people of South Africa will like this song.

Olfa gave her stage name to G-Ono-Maurima, who called Gogo a grandmother and a woman her age. She left her music cassette as a dance song with a two-part combination. Obani Lababanto.

Very exciting song

When the song came out, her family was amazed at how fast the action was taking place. But sleep knows that people love music. The songs were popular everywhere and I was asleep.

South Africa talked about ULFA. At first, some were sceptical, but soon everything changed.

Her alumni wrote the song on social media as It’s Sleeper by Sleeper.

Each time they released the song, they could tell Olfa’s two acres.

Every newspaper in South Africa wrote about him and called him on TV.

One of the fans commented on the song, No naked girl, no luggage, no expensive car, no smoking, no loud noises, no bragging about the performance in this video.

Olfa Slipie
Olfa Slipie

One commentator wrote that the moral path of this story is not far off.

Although the opportunity to sleep has never been seen before. He called it a success. He fell in love with the song. Shortly thereafter, her family changed, and now everyone learned to sing.

Mepengos said: However, Olfa liked the first song very much, but he has no plans for the second.

He called himself G6 Five because he was 65 this year.

They see their fame in a short time. A few weeks after the song was released, he developed a coronary infection and died within a few days.

One of his fans wrote in a video that Gogo gave us a very strong message. ‘You have to do it when you get the chance and forget that other people are dreaming of you.

Residents of the newspaper also thanked Alpha. Speaking of which, he wrote that someone puts everything on the strength of their shoes.

The funeral of ULFA took place on December 14. According to Cebu Empanguz, he still wanted to go with a big pump, but now it is no longer possible in the country due to the death penalty.

A few months ago, Olfa chose her dress, said Cebu Empanguz. I think he always thought he would say goodbye in a special way.

Obstacles caused by the death of the crown did not allow the funeral to be held properly, he said.

But the people of South Africa said goodbye to him in a very positive way. We really have to smile when we remind him of his character.

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