The new rotating LG smartphone ‘The Wing’ has not just one, but two screens

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The new rotating LG smartphone ‘The Wing’ has not just one, but two screens

'The Wing'
‘The Wing’

South Korean tech company LG has unveiled a smartphone that, when rotated, reveals another screen below!

Users can choose to use the second screen of this phone called “The Wing” for a different purpose or use the same screen on both screens, e.g. B. by using it as a controller for playing games.

However, most of the features of this phone will only work with the software and associated browsers.According to one expert, he had never seen a “revolutionary design”.

However, according to Ben Wood of CCS Insight, a technology consultancy, it is difficult to comment on this design without using a phone. ۔

He says the design is drastically different from all of the rivals LG phones because they focus on the foldable screen.LG is credited with conducting a new experiment, but ultimately it is up to the locals to decide whether or not the design is successful.


The phone, which runs on the Five G network, has three cameras on the back and a pop-up lens that appears when the button is pressed.

'The Wing'
‘The Wing’

LG has announced that the phone will initially be launched in South Korea next month. It will then be launched on the South American and European markets.

However, it is important to note that the price for this phone has not yet been announced.

According to the company, the phone also has some features that can reduce damage. As a spice. When the phone’s accelerometer detects the phone is falling rapidly in the air, the pop-up lens will automatically close.

In addition, the device that rotates the screens is protected by a hydraulic shock absorber, and behind the main screen is a layer that protects the screen underneath from scratches.

LG says the swivel is still useful after 200,000 uses, but it is unclear how long it will be before the phone is used that long.


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