The story of two childhood friends who collided with Coca-Cola and Pepsi

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The story of two childhood friends who collided with Coca-Cola and Pepsi


People explained to him if he was crazy about bumping into brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
People explained to him if he was crazy about bumping into brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

The weekly BBC weekly series The Boss interviews various personalities in the business world. This week he spoke to Marco Wiegart, founder and owner of Fritz Cola.


When the two students, Marco Wiegart and Lawrence Hampel, decided to start their own cola business, they had no idea how it was done.


However, the young man’s confidence did not deter him and he decided to investigate. Mercury was 28 years old then, he said.


Unfortunately, the internet did not help them much. Two childhood friends from Hamburg began to think about an alternative plan.


They called beverage factories across the country to find out who would help them make their cola and put it in a bottle.


But all beverage manufacturers are busy brewing and Germany’s favorite beverage. Merco says to contact hundreds of companies.


Many owners wonder why the two young men asked them to stand in line. But eventually they found someone who supported them.


“We finally have a factory in West Germany.” Come to me and we will be together, ”he said.

Marco Wiegart and his friend had no experience making cola
Marco Wiegart and his friend had no experience making cola

A few months later, Merco and Lorenz had 170 cases of Fritz Cola with 4,080 bottles ready. Instead of selling it in supermarkets and stores, they started selling it directly in bars.


Now everyone in Germany knows Fritz Cola. After Coca-Cola last year, Fritz Cola was the best seller of Cola bottles in Germany. According to a Nelson Group study, Fritz Cola sells 71 million glasses of beverage while Coca-Cola sells 74 million bottles. Only 337,000 bottles of Pepsi were sold.


In 2003, Merco and Lorenz decided to add their faces to the company logo. He said he did not do it because it was selfish but because it was the cheapest option.


They only have 7,000 screenshots to run the business and spend a lot of money if they create a new logo for the business.


“We use our faces to create the company logo for 100,100,” said Merco, now 44. Our neighbor built it and we paid an additional 70 euros to save it. “”


Because it was expensive to create a colorful logo, they chose the black and white logo.


Merco said he wrote 40 names for the company name, thought about it, and left the mall to ask people questions. A traditional German name that has proven to be the most popular among people.


Fritz Cola Factory
Fritz Cola Factory

Merco wants their drinks to taste a little different, unlike Coca-Cola and Pepsi. They reduced the sugar and added neem juice. At the same time, the amount of caffeine contained in it increased significantly.


( When you drink  our  cola you will   find it is l ess sweet,  but  caffeine  prevents you. ) So we add three times as much caffeine as any other drink on the market.”


According to American news site Ozzy, a 100 ml can of Fritz Cola contains 25 mg of caffeine, 10 mg of Coca-Cola and 32 mg of Red Bull.


Merco said many bars or pubs are not interested in his drink because people do not introduce themselves to how he would give up his drink and drink more.



To sell their products in pubs, they assured their owners that if they did not sell it, they would remove it.


( We work  the clock and have a   lot of  fun.) We are lucky that people liked our brand. People are curious about it. I looked at two students with strange coke and said:” Let’s drink and you like it. ”


It took Merco and his friend three years to repeat the business. Until then, they have no office or employee. But then the queue sold out faster. Your company has a unique way of promoting alcohol and many people are angry about it.

In 2017 he published photos of President Trump, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Putin on a billboard and wrote under German: “Wake up, brother.”

Fritz Cola is only available in glass bottles
Fritz Cola is only available in glass bottles

His Cola is now available in bars and stores across Europe.(  After Germany, the main markets are the     Netherlands ,  Poland, , Belgium  and , Austria. )


Linda Lakhms, beverage industry analyst, works for market research company EuroMonitor. He said Fritz Cola is popular because people see it as real.


( People  think  this is true because  behind two  college students trying to make a product that tastes really good and has more caffeine than Cola on the market.)


According to Forbes magazine, the company sold Cola for 7.5 million euros in 2018. Merco has only led the company since 2016 after the partner decided to leave the company that year. Merco now owns two-thirds of the company and another third to other investors.


During his 17-year journey, Merco said no one believed him then. “People say you’re stupid. You’re competing with the biggest cola brands in the world. But it was harder for us and it turned out to be fun.”


“Now 280 people are working for me. I have a big adventure with the company so I have nothing else to do, I love what I do.


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